The End Of Net Neutrality Is Here! - Why This Is A GOOD Thing

[Jeffrey Tucker] It sounds good, "net neutrality," and people like it because they think it means that they're not going to be charged for using high bandwidth services like Netflix and so on, or torrenting files or something like that. And people think that they're fighting for lower prices. What they don't understand is that net neutrality is really a massive government regulation that benefits the large corporate players, essentially the ruling class of the internet, which means large service providers like Netflix and Yahoo and so on, all of whom want to force their way on ISPs and prevent ISPs from charging them for their consumer usage. It would be like if the government said "you're going to get $1 gas," consumers would go "oh that sounds great," right? So of course people like it, but they don't understand is that the large ISPs like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T also favor net neutrality. What's interesting about this is people think they're lying, that they're just SAYING they favor net neutrality, no they really DO favor net neutrality because they figure they can absorb the higher costs and thereby keep competition at bay. That's really what the goal of the large ISPs is - to stop startups, innovative small companies that can come into your community and offer new alternatives to old technology like cable modems and so on. They want to lock down the sector to progress, essentially, so you've got the ISPs working with the large content providers to create a kind of "Federal Reserve" for the internet, that's really what net neutrality is. So don't let them lie to you, I mean, net neutrality is a really nice sounding term that really means a corporate ruling class is going to have permanent control over the internet. So, I mean look, I'm not a fan of the Trump administration, I hope I don't have to tell you that, I've written against the ideology I consider to be Trumpism, I wrote, you know a hundred articles against this guy, but you know, I also want to be objective. This is a heroic and strong and powerful, principled move on the part of the Trump administration to come to the defense of freedom against government control. That's essentially what the repeal of net neutrality has done, and it's great because it's overcome all the special interests, it's economically informed... and you see on the internet, like I had the only article for about 48 hours that seemed to be in support of what the Trump administration did, but it's a great move.