If a friend of yours offered you a honeymoon suite as your wedding gift and when you got there they bought you a standard room and kept the suite for themselves how would you react? (They invite you down to their room after the wedding)

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I would be rather upset, especially since it was supposed to be a wedding gift. I wouldn't have friends like that.

I would be both hurt and miffed, I imagine. It's pretty big deal and all, getting married, and that is not the kind of thing an actual 'friend' would do.

Then I'd try and forget about that minor glitch in the day...

If they told me it was a standard room as a gift I'd be fine with it, although I would have paid for an upgrade to the suite with my own money, but saying it's the suite, then giving me the standard room while they used the suite isn't cool.

Exactly. Thank you

There are 4 adults in your party and one bed. You sleep on the floor.

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Because your teenage son and his friend came

We chose the standard room - it was practical for the amount of time we were going to use it so a standard room wouldn't be a disappointment, regardless of the promise.

I would laugh my ass off.

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