Want to Keep a Free and Open Internet? (here's 1 thing you can do)

Go to: "goFCCyourself.com" , click on express, enter proceeding # 17-108 and leave a polite, non threatening comment. Tell Ajit Pai you want title 2 protections to remain in place and if you remember do it again on Dec 7th. Last time they tried this there were so many comments it crashed their website.

Ajit Pai, former Verizon attorney and current chairman of the FCC is trying to sell you a very big pile of horse manure with lots of help from FOX news. The Internet is the only access to truth we have left. Yes, you have to wade through mountains of bullshit but independent journalism still exists so the Corporatocracy wants to kill it. In order to control a population, after you've given up the club of tyranny, you have to control how and what people think so they want control over the information you receive.
Pai wants to change the classification of the Internet from title 2 to title 1 which will allow corporations to decide which sites get high speed and which ones don't. Currently under title 2 protection ISP's are not permitted to "throttle" back the loading speed of websites they don't like. If Pai and republicans have their way and succeed in killing net neutrality ISP's will be able to control what you have high speed access to and slow others to a crawl. Verizon was already busted for this once which is why it was put under title 2 to begin with.
If you don't want the web to go mainstream leave a comment for the FCC

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I didn't even bother to read this.

If it's so "important", why aren't you using Tor/Onion network?

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