Just now, for the first time ever, I 'liked' and retweeted @realDonaldTrump. Credit where credit is due. This was the first tweet I have read from POTUS that made me proud of him. I hope it is not the last.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter“62 years ago this week, a brave seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama uttered one word that changed history... https://t.co/eOvCBcMIKX”https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/937065834635292673
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I think it's real nice, that this president got through a whole tweet, ceremony, or any public uttering, without dissing someone or bragging about his own 'accomplishments'. clap smilie

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Oh, that was a jab? nme smilie

He is rather proud of his nasty digs at others, seems to me. Probably thinks he's better at it than anyone ever, in the entire history of the world.
I do believe the president has been implored by some of his advisors, to try and and refrain from the petulant, petty behavior he so often displays. Me, I had no expectation that he would suddenly change after being sworn into office. Nor have I ever written or said anything about him acting "presidential"....

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Actually Gronk, I do not need you to 'educate' me about Trump's history.

As far as the rest of your diatribe, I pretty much knew before I read it, that it would be your usual accusatory assumptions.

"You LIBERALS...blah, blah, blah... FEMINISTS...blah, blah, blah.....TOLERANT....blah, blah, blah."

It is not possible to have a reasonable discussion, with those who have such preconceived notions as yours.

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I know of not one definition of liberal, that includes "tolerant of all".

As far the rest of your inane blather there, it's just too ridiculous to even respond to....

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No, I do not know of anyone who has portrayed the Democratic party as "tolerant of all". Personally, I find many who most share my views to be quite intolerant. "THE MOST INTOLERANT and JUDGMENTAL people in country", no.

The tax rates were a LOT higher, back when JFK proposed the cuts that were eventually implemented. He also managed to convince Congress to increase the minimum wage, expand unemployment benefits, boost Social Security benefits, and lay the groundwork for the passing of the Civil Right's Act and Medicare program.

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No, not "wrong" Ms Gronk. Yes, I watched the video. As I mentioned, the tax rates were a lot higher, when JFK proposed the cuts that were eventually implemented.

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Neither one of us are really wrong, concerning the Civil Rights Act. I said Kennedy laid the groundwork for it being passed, which he did. Not alone, and certainly with the support of many Republicans.


I'm sure we all know by now, how IGNORANT, ILL INFORMED, INTOLERANT and all around vile you think "liberals" are. You probably don't need to say it, almost every damn time you post your OPINION.

I don't think there will be any justice for Roy Moore's alleged victims, aside from him not winning a seat in the Senate.

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I'm willing to admit that I'm wrong , when I am.

Do you feel that "Conservatives" are all the same, Gronk? I do not. If I believed that conservative- leaning people were responsible for all the wrongs in the world, as you seem to feel about LIBERALS, I figure I //would // feel "ill will" towards them.

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I could certainly do that Gronk, but I don't see much point in it.
You've made it clear in all your diatribes, both to myself and others , that anyone you perceive as liberal is ILL INFORMED, IGNORANT, drugged out, and has visions of how things should be while stoned.

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It's mildly amusing, for you to mention having a "debate/civil conversation", Ms Gronk.

I have never blocked anyone, myself. I know for sure though, that blocking those who simply disagree them, is far from something LIBERALS do more than CONSERVATIVES.

@Piper2 Oh, that was a jab? He is rather proud of his nasty digs at others, seems to me. Probably...

His advisors? Pfft! They want him to behave like shy little wall flowers to get stomped on by media and leftists.

Those days are over Piper. Trump pushes back!

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I am definitely an American. I do also seek further information, about anything that interests or concerns me. Always have.

I have never once said or even implied, that I thought Trump's policies were "ruining the USA".

I care about the environment, and how polluting it has a negative impact on all of us creatures.

That tax bill that you mentioned, does definitely benefit the very wealthy, and the more comfortably financially well-off folks, far more than those who really need a tax break.
It also includes opening up the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, something I and many others have opposed for decades.

That is a short list, and I can pretty much predict what you will say in reply, if you do.

And by the way...I do not "idolize" any celebrities.

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Oh wow, Gronk, most Americans will get about eighty dollars, at the most, (don't spend it all in one place now) and many Americans will see an increase in their taxes. And where one gets a decrease in one area, they will see an increase in another, so in all likely hood it will be canceled out. Premiums in health insurance are expected to dramatically increase, so there goes any "saving" right there.

There has never been any evidence to support "trickle down". Companies are now sitting on wads of big cash, and they have not invested the money in jobs or wage increases.

Taxes alone, had nothing to do with jobs being outsourced. Cheap labor overseas along with robotics have caused a lot of jobs to disappear. In fact, most companies, thanks to loopholes, never even paid the 35% in taxes.

This was a big tax cut to Trump, his family, and his donners Nothing more.

@dru18 Oh wow, Gronk, most Americans will get about eighty dollars, at the most, (don't spend it all in one place now) and...

dru, you made a couple of valid points here, i.e. that outsourcing of jobs was due to more than just corporate taxes and the tax benefit to most Americans will be about eighty dollars (although I don't know where that number came from because I'm sure it will be much higher than that).

As for my health insurance, my insurance company has reduced my monthly premium for my insurance for 2018 below what I paid in 2017, so I must not be part of most Americans.

As for your reference to "trickle down", this latest tax law is not a "trickle down" example because rates are being reduced for more tax brackets than just the highest income brackets. The "trickle down" terminology only applies when tax rates are reduced for only the highest tax bracket incomes.

The fact of the matter is that when the tax rates were reduced during the Reagan administration, the income revenues to the federal government almost doubled, and the overall economy experienced the greatest growth for the longest period since the 1950s post-war boom. That was because companies did not sit on wads of big cash, as you stated, but invested that cash into more products which required more factories and more jobs to produce them (and eventually wage increases after the overall profits increased). I was working in those days and I actually witnessed it happen and saw my wages increase dramatically!

@goblue1968 dru, you made a couple of valid points here, i.e. that outsourcing of jobs was due to more than just corporate...

goblue, I have no idea what part of the economy you are referring to, but public sectors like teaching for example took a big hit.

And if it hadn't been for Paul Volcker inflation would have never been tamed.

Interest rates were cut in half, and Reagan also raised taxes several times over the course of his presidency,something that is never talked about. And the spending was not reigned in, and the deficit tripped under Reagan.

The Republicans are touting this tax cut as a job grower, while saying that companies will use the money to reinvest in workers. That simply will not happen.

@dru18 goblue, I have no idea what part of the economy you are referring to, but public sectors like teaching for example...

dru, once again you have made seemingly valid points, but the facts that I stated above regarding the huge impact that the Reagan tax cuts across ALL tax brackets had upon massively increasing the income tax revenue to the government and the concurrent jobs expansion and wage increases are also true (as I said above, I was there at the time and I experienced it myself). I don't remember about teaching taking "a big hit" because I remember that teachers around where I live were constantly getting salary increases that I had to pay for (although I do remember that some school districts did lay off some teachers when those salary increases took effect). Since the Reagan tax cuts did indeed result in job growth, that is the reason that the Republicans are touting it that way this time. I suppose that I can understand your cynicism about that cause and effect this time if you weren't aware of the actual jobs expansion of the '80s.

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Un huh, yeah, we'll see in a year just how much your husband's paycheck has increased. And we'll also see just how many 'other things' increased, thus canceling out any major benefit.

This "liberal" has not only been raised by the working class, but also is now part of the working class.

The middle class has been on the decline since the late seventies. But let's all try to blame Obama.

Yeah, and under Obama gas prices fell, but you wouldn't give him any credit, would you?

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The unemployment rate is at it's lowest regarding minorities. Oh shit, now I have heard everything. The unemployment rate was steadily dropping under Obama. In fact, it went from 17% to 6% in the eight years Obama was in office. It dropped a little bit lower under Trump, but Obama was the one who got the ball rolling.

OBAMA is the one who got this country's ass out of a recession, NOT Trump!

I just love people like yourself, who give a president who has only eleven months in office all of the credit. I guess Bill Clinton deserved all of the credit for a strong economy instead of George HW Bush. Bush is the one, once again, who got the plan in motion.

And please tell me how you think I am a female, feminist, liberal loving, person?

But I'll go along with the gag for the sake of this debate. What has Trump done? Hmmm..... appointed the most ultra conservative trump worshiping judges to life long positions. Passed a tax cut that will disproportionately benefit him, his family, and his friends. Insulted just about everyone, except rich fat old white guys, like himself. Plays childish games with a mentally unstable NK ahole.

Free the Iranian people from anti-gay and anti- women mentality? First he has to stop being anti-gay and anti-women, himself. And I don't want to hear how he feels or what he has said, because his judicial picks says it all.


And look folks, more tap dancing.

Keep going, Gronk, nobody will even notice that you're sweating.

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I wish he was sincere, but he doesn't know the meaning of that word. And tomorrow he'll tweet something more ridiculous.

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Got to give him 1 thumbs up. It's been over a year since the election and it is the first decent thing he has said in all that time.

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Exactly what I was thinking tiff - wonder why or who is he trying to impress and why?

That was a decent tweet, I wonder who on Trumps staff actually wrote it?

As an outsider, it was a great post. I won't wade into anything more though.

Wow. He can read? I wonder how many takes they did. I bet if you asked him after the speech he wouldn't remember a single word he said.

I don't care about the POTUS. Just let even one of them to come forward with the truth about the other races... That's when I will be proud of a such individual.

Comments treating Vick like he's advocating and supporting Hitler incoming....

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I assumed those would be incoming in the near future.

@Sunny_the_skeptic Comments treating Vick like he's advocating and supporting Hitler incoming....

Though Vic often flubs and meanders,
And sometimes politic' ly panders,
His aims are far littler
Than pulling for Hitler;
Vic likes Fauxcahontas and Sanders. biggrin smilie

@Sunny_the_skeptic He isn't?

Uhh, no.
He likes the teaching of Jesus but has no belief that Jesus is the Son of God, or that God exists.

@Sunny_the_skeptic Oh, then he is an atheist like me.

There's nothing like you Sunny.
You are one in a million.
Vic is a dime a dozen kind of guy.

@Sunny_the_skeptic Why am I one in a million? I think I'm quite the regular Joe.

There, right there! That is just one of the things that sets you apart. Humility - you really think of yourself as a regular Joe.

You're a really nice young man Sunny. You have a good heart and smart mind. One day, we'll get you straightened out spiritually - but I consider you a friend - even now.

@Budwick There, right there! That is just one of the things that sets you apart. Humility - you really think of...

I appreciate it Bud, I'm glad we're on good terms despite having very contrasting opinions on lots of topics. I like talking to you since you're older and have a lot of life experience. I'd rather be humble of my good sides than have an ego, I can't stand such people. I don't want praise as it makes me feel like I'm on a pedestal but I appreciate it.

@Sunny_the_skeptic I appreciate it Bud, I'm glad we're on good terms despite having very contrasting opinions on lots of topics. I...

I can accept contrasting opinions. And, you're right - we do disagree on things. But, there's a mutual respect, a willingness to listen there too. It's more of a discussion than an argument. I appreciate that about you!

@Budwick Flanders is a Christian. Vic ain't no Christian!

I was thinking of Flanders fields, where the poppies blow, not the Simpson character. biggrin smilie

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