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Well, I'm not an anon and by farts smell even worse.


Or those old person loose farts, they're so loose they don't even acknowledge them.

Not thinking on your own and joining in with the crowd

Say whatever you want but if you think so poorly of me to think that I have bad intentions? I'm honestly offended.

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Monty Python is SO PHUCKIN FUNNY!
Thanks for posting

As a reply to my earlier comment:

Nothing really

None of the multiple choices on this question honestly offend me, because I am rarely personally confronted with any of them. But I am honestly offended by political correctness because I am personally confronted with it every day when I am speaking because I always speak the truth. Political correctness deliberately avoids speaking the truth and even goes so far as to change the definition of words so as to avoid causing offense to snowflakes and other sensitive people.

All of them

Abuse of animals.It's really heart breaking.

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