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Probably seeing my wife dead was the hardest.... after 8 years of cancer, and 22 years together.... it's not something you can expect anyone else to understand.

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Thanks, yeah it's been really hard to try and move on from, and christmas is going to be particularly hard.

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Yeah me too. I could make much better use of the time off at a quieter time of the year, but it's too busy and expensive to travel anywhere.

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Thanks Tiff, I know you'd have some understanding being a nurse and seeing what women go through with this.

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@OzSurfer Thanks!!

I hope your grief lessens soon. Hugs to you my friend.

I have lost a lot of family members through death, but losing my mother was the hardest. I miss her every day.

Different times of my life have presented different difficulties. Some i thought would destroy me. (None did)
But the one that shaped me was the loss of my father a few days before i was ten.

Seventeen years (and counting) of my favorite American Football team not making the playoffs. loser smilie smile smilie

I've had my share of deaths in the family. Besides both parents, my younger sister lost her husband to Leukemia a few years back. Still though, the most difficult thing I've ever had to do is go through bouts of severe depression.

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I've had such a weird life already, that there is no one answer to be given to this question. It's not an isolated incident, it's a series of incidents, that has left me here. And I'm not a comic book superhero.

Taking care of my brother who was my best friend.Watching him die
of lung cancer.I relive it almost every day.It'd been two years and I still can't believe he's gone.

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Giving up drinking alcohol after enjoying it for 40 years.

I have never had anything of consequence or difficult happen. I have although, experienced a wide range of the available options in life.

Start a job that I had zero experience in.

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