How's it up in the Northern hemisphere?

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Cold in the UK

Cold now here in Eastern Europe, how's it in the land where most living things are lethal biggrin smilie

Cold in the Midwest of the United States.

Norther lower michigan. The wind has been blowing at high speeds. Lost power from 1am till about an hour ago. The wind chill factor is at 21 degrees F.
Some snow, supposed to get more as the week goes on. was 50 degrees F yesterday. Which is odd. And, had wild thunder and lightening last night.

Eastern half of upstate New York (US). Forty-one degrees F, sixteen mile per hour wind, very damp. If you're willing to share some of your warmth, hurry :D

We're spinning out of control.

@mona1986 What about we're hanging

That works too, though I would suggest "we're hanging on for dear life". smile smilie

Cold. 乂º◡º乂

Rather cold today, but temperatures keep rising and dropping ...
In Western Europe, we are having snow since late November; one day all white and freezing, some days later mild and melting. This week, we had much snow, troubling trafic and, partly, rain, and the snow cover is fine at higher altitudes. But under 1200 - 1000 m, it melts rather quickly. Another drop of temperatures and more snow are to come.

Autumn is in dull swing. Still fairly warm for this time of year. Cold and snow on the way soon.

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