What’s been your worst experience staying in a hotel?

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We were given a room that smelled of stale cigarette smoke - eventually another room opened but that experience left a lasting impression.

One hotel had mold. It was just in the air. My nose bled. They moved us to a new room. Second one they were drag racing loudly outside and there were bullet holes in the wall.

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Lol..I think you're getting too much fiber in your diet.

While staying at a Holiday Inn in Chicago, a fight broke out in the hallway. None of the people in the fight were speaking English.

My honeymoon, 1 hotel ... 3 rooms.

The first had obviously not been cleaned. Bed sheets and bathroom towels on floor, dirty sink and shower.

The second had a strong smell of smoking. Even though the entire hotel was allegedly "non smoking rooms".

The third, the hot tub had a HUGE crack. Honestly, it was like somebody had dropped it from a couple hundred feet. I have no idea how it got so bad, or why the hotel didn't at least remove the tub if they weren't going to fix it immediately.

After the third room, we demanded our money back. Actually, we demanded more - since we had to pay for an equivalent room, in another hotel, at the "last minute", during Spring Break.

It was in a formerly grand old hotel in downtown Norfolk, VA. The man I was involved with convinced me that his driving me to the hospital where my father was, having had a minor heart attack, was a good idea. That man decided to tell me along the way, that he was going to stop in Norfolk so he could renew his "captains license".

I was a bundle of anxiety already, just wanting to get there to see my dad. I didn't want to stop anywhere, much less overnight. I believe the hotel was called The Jefferson. It was only not only not clean, the room had little wads of bloody paper stuck to the walls. I found a towel that looked like it might be clean, and and sort of slept with my head on that, in my clothes.

In Texas, a small town with three motels, each one looking worse than the other. We had to stop so I slept fully clothed with the leash of our german shepherd in my hand. I expected the door to burst open and Eastwood's spaghetti western bad guys to open fire
at any minute.
Then there's the one about the tub that hadn't been cleaned in over a year. That was in CA. I requested and got gloves, bleach and comet because I needed a shower. It was suggested that I shower in another room and walk across the parking lot to my room. That, clearly, wasn't happening, so I scoured the tub and got my shower.

I can't say that there was a worst experience with a hotel; the mishap had other causes, like missing the last train (having to find a hotel room around midnight near the railway station) and two delayed flights (the rooms were booked) - one time around 11 p.m. (6 hours late), and another time between 1 and 2 a.m. with two passengers (more than 3 hours late), when everybody was fast asleep). After long waiting times (at airports), a traffic jam (more than an hour) and some embarrassing moments, these adventures had a rather hilarious issue.

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