What are some home remedies you swear by?

Image for post What are some home remedies you swear by?
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Warm salt water gargle works for me too!
Makes me gag, but it works.

Booze and wanking to a tiger wearing a tutu. Works miracles for an occasional headache.

Vicks Salve, chicken noodle soup.

When I get a sore throat, I swallow a couple tablespoons of Colloidal silver. Works like a charm.

Raw ginger knocks out nausea.

If you lay down to sleep and have symptoms heartburn or acid reflux, eat an apple. It sounds too simple but for me it works better than anything including meds.

I take Nettle to knock out my allergies. A tablespoon of ACV in a glass of fruit juice - preferably apple juice knocks out congestion.

Vick’s on the feet for colds

My home made chicken soup cures everything!

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