What's on your'anti-bucket' list?

Things you never want to do again

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Was it thrilling though?

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You were brave.
There's that


Shit, girl, you know I can't love that, since you've done it. It's against the weird Welsh logic behind the question.

Due to necessity I had to ride a Greyhound Bus home from Florida after the terrorists struck on 9/11, an 18 hour trip on that bus was a ride in hell. I will NEVER do that again!!!!!

  • Riding a bicycle (can't, since my back is busted)
  • Getting shot in my right shoulder (can't since, well... I would not enjoy it)
  • Having sex with a moose (can't, since the last time was traumatic enough)
  • Winning in lottery (can't, since I only get like ten euros for every hundred)
  • Having anything resembling a car, that was built in the UK in the seventies
  • Having a bucket, since all buckets hate me, because I puke a lot to them
  • Flying an aeroplane, because they aren't quite as logical as helicopters
  • Peeing against a talking tree
  • Misusing adhesive material, such as glue
  • Pointing someone else's fingers
  • Writing stupid messages on a webs... Wait... Oh. Oops. Sorry.

I cant think of anything that i did on purpose that i wouldnt do again.

Eating raw skate
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lol You know you love us. biggrin smilie

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Sky diving! (If I ever do it, you'll know the plane is about to crash.) a smilie

Cellulite :)

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