What's a great snack that goes with coffee?

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A piece of good chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.

Cookies, brownies, cake, muffins, Danish, chocolate, a little Baileys in the coffee, Cinnabon. Seems to be a theme here!

Bourbon biscuits. 乂º◡º乂

I have a slice of rye toast (no spread), slice of low fat cheese, a grilled tomato and some lightly sauteed spinach. It's so yum.. and low in carbs and fat.

A double Espresso with a croissant

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@ZonkeyBalls Australians.

Would new zealanders do?

@Carla Would new zealanders do?

No, I think what this freakin' website needs is a fresh "fuckoff".
I just hope someone would send this greeting to the Blue One.

fig newtons

Anything sweet, because coffee is bitter.

Turkey and pepper-jack cheese on crackers..

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