If you want this site to die, then pull the plug already. Don't let it limp along.

I don't get it. We we first joined this site it was on life support, and we revived it. But now the ailment has returned. We are losing members, by the car load every damn week, and have been for over a year. We finally have some great moderators on here, but they haven't been made a super mod yet, so there is only so much they can do. How does a site even fail? Are too many people being kicked off, or too few? Is it coming from the top through mismanagement and bad decisions, or has it's time finally come? I mean Soda Head had to finally throw in the towel. There have only been three new threads posted today, and for a large site that is depressing.

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Define mediocrity in this context, please.

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I agree. It's weird, I mean, you think this site site is about to die? Well, fuck off. We are just about to start off.


Give me a topic mona...then let's talk about it:)

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Some may have "left" me confused, too. But i would dive in anyway:)


Intelligent like in the terms of where we are with the development of the fusion energy power plants? Or how would you compare Shakespeare to the modern literature? There are many forms and ideologies behind intelligence, but which ones would you prefer personally?

It's been very slow lately. I feel that the regular posters are tired of being the only ones asking the questions. If people want this site to survive, everyone should participate in asking the questions. Also when a post only garners a couple replies, why bother? I've been pretty busy lately, but I do check in now and again.....

The site has gone through lulls the whole time I've been here. THIS one has admittedly gone on longer than usual. I do not think controversial posts and people being 'deleted' just because certain people find them offensive, is conducive to an active opinion site.

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Keep an eye on the advertisement. If that starts to dwindle, start playing Taps.


You just wrote... Hang on... Do articles count?

My experience of Q+A sites-and I am/have been on a few is that people prefer to answer rather than ask.Thinking of questions isn't easy-which is why I pinch them from other places.Other sites suffer from a lack,of questions but not people willing to answer them.A seniors site I'm on does quite well but I stay away from the serious stuff by enlarge.You won't find me asking a serious question.

I have noticed an absence of members, but then again this site has always been on the slow side. For some silly reason management seems to like it that way.

I can't find anything better tried answercup (can't say it with mug on the end) and found it hard to sort through the posts. Nothing I've ever found compares to sodahead. I'd certainly like to see more members here.

Who would have thought that me leaving the moderator seat would have had such a profound effect?
eyes smiliemaniac smilie

I collect people's ears in a jar.

Wait, did I actually write that? Shit...

@Carla What ears?

A good point, actually. So far, I find myself unable to answer to such q... Ouch. No. What...

@Carla Doing your best to rot that liver, arent you, marko?

Actually, my doctor called yesterday.

He said my liver wasn't nearly as bad as he had thought it would be. If I stopped drinking, I could live to the far end of my cancer. Perhaps beyond, assuming the drugs they give me will work.

@Carla If... Big word.

Well, it is.

Addictions are bitches to live with.

@ZonkeyBalls Well, it is. Addictions are bitches to live with.

I know, marko
I was a long time opiod user. Almost 20 years, man.
High doses, prescribed. But a true addiction, nonetheless.
In the end, it took 11 days of rehab to get off of them without putting out my own light.
If i can do that, you certainly can too.

@ZonkeyBalls I was three months sober and it didn't help. I'm pretty much fucked.

If you went three months, then it became a mental thing. Takes strength. I never wish to go back to that constant fog.
You just have to realize that your drinking is slow suicide. And marko, you have your music, my friend. That alone is something to live for.
I wish i had an artistic outlet. You have a talent. You are drowning that.
If you're fucked, you are fucking yourself.
I know that sounds harsh, i dont mean it to be. Look what that shit has done to you. Not one good thing.

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Hey, it's a real place! And, thee are really pissed people commenting.
I'll bet you a buck that no one that could / would make improvements will take a look though.

just keep it up so I can talk to Tiff Starz Ser etc and post silly stuff like Egg salad or just plain egg?