FEMINISTS Sure do know how to pick the stupid things to get angry over, and IGNORE the real issues. (more links in info)(please read comment for link that was supposed to be on the page

here in canada the proclaimed 'feminist" leader we have now refuses to call FGM for what it is: BARBARIC! our idiot liberal government is possibly even removing FGM as a banned and barbaric practice from our immigration pamphlets, https://www.thepostmillennial.c...al-mutilation/
such HYPOCRITES liberal feminists are, all about "womens rights" yet go after stupid things like mario yet ignore real issues affecting women around the world today. absolutely DISGUSTING! if you claim to be feminist fight against abortion (which kills millions of girls every year), fight against FGM, shut up about ,mario, or movies, or "manspreading" or "equal pay" these are ALL NON issues here in North america.