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I think it's just a preview of more of whats to come in Both Canada and the US. We aren't even allowed to "think" what we want anymore. We are indoctrinated in schools and if we don't buy into it, we are deemed unsuitable and ostracized.

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Its bad when we have some politicians who have done so much damage over a few years time, that the damage becomes irreversible.


So, the media is pumping him just like they did Obama.

@JustJimColo The link didn't work....

That’s weird. It works for me.


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The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

I'm batting 1000 today..LOL

@JustJimColo This page isn't available The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. I'm batting 1000...

i can still open the page, this is weird. it is a very good read, and even though the writter is Liberal and i disagree with (some of) his view points on trump, he is on point about how dangerous liberal politics have become


agree, its terrifying, here is a good read,:

Justin is deliberately destroying our beautiful country

The sad truth about these "decisions" are that they are made by people who are fortunate to have been allowed to be born.

No, no - government isn't interested in controlling our lives! [sarcasm]

How phucking blind are people that support these ass holes? [not sarcasm]

Social Engineering through government regulation. This goes beyond socialism to dictatorship!

Things are no better, perhaps worse, in Denmark.

A Danish woman, Firoozeh Bazrafkan (originally from Iran, no less), was fined 5,000 Kroner (about $800), or 5 days in jail, for posting an opinion critical of the kind of abuse of women suffer all too commonly in Islamic countries.

" a Danish Iranian, I know what a big problem Islamic regimes are." "Islamic codes give men the rights to do whatever they want to women and children," something called "disgusting" by Bazrafkan, and "also prevent people in Iran from discussing and saying what they want." Bazrafkan sought an "artistic manifesto to show that we cannot say what we want and we cannot criticize Islamic regimes."

Politicians that pass "thought laws" and regulations like this need to be kicked out of office, and retired to their plush villas, bought with money they hid to evade their own taxes. Abject hypocrites.

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