I do not find Suits attractive at all, in fact, I think they make guys look really stupid.

Some girls may be attracted to power....others may be attracted to wealth. I am....not. Those are not factors for me in my guy preferences. In fact a lot of those men tend to abuse their power and feel entitled due to their wealth and both are ill signs if you want a happy healthy relationship. No no! I like a guy who's a rebel. I like a guy who breaks the mold. I don't want another drone. I want a guy who makes his own rules in style! Ties just look like either nooses or bad stereotypical gay ascots that got messed up. I may have posted this before but I like to periodically remind people that this seemingly never ending male fashion trend needs to die!! Women we have our many dresses, men make yourselves your own variety of clothing! Maybe something armor inspired...mmm that'd be nice! But nothing says "i'm a boring adult" like a suit! Give me a wild guy who's a child at heart and a gentleman when he needs to be

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Actually the tie started when people of high profile were hung with fancy nooses. They would walk to the gallows with them hanging around their neck and certain people said oh they look nice, so ta da! they were invented

Suits look nice and classy, they can make an unattractive person look a lot more attractive, I want to own at least a couple of good suits when the time I can afford the good ones comes. Each to their own I guess.

It depends on the who's wearing the suit and the occasion. I know a guy who is not particularly muscular but when he wears an expensive suit ho looks very well put together.
I prefer jeans and a t-shirt but there is a time and place for everything.

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True!! I like those muscles especially lean muscles small and powerful, not that flab/muscle combo some guys have

I don't even train and I have bigger muscles than any of those assholes do.

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You are puny and have nothing on me, Mark. ;o) ;o)

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Oh, I take it all back.

That is... Well... Huge. You could take me down in 20 seconds, assuming you knew the proper techniques. Well, actually, since I'm a fat bastard dying off, you would take me down in ten. What the hell...


The last time I had to fight a guy with those kind of "guns" was twenty years ago. He stabbed me in my right leg with a big-ass knife. I used my sidearm. I know, it wasn't a fair fight, as such.

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Well, I shot the dude in the head, but he was still on the bloody knife, trying to cut my bigger veins. It was die or kill sort of a moment... I just went for it.


That is the worst image I have in my head, by far.


Just thinking about it... Even now... Makes we want to puke. It was fucking gross.

I don't judge people by the attire they wear. Calling someone boring because they wear a suit is like someone calling a woman a whore because she wears a dress. Neither are true but ya get the point.


I think a well fitted suit looks good on any man.

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I don't know about the attractive part, but I know for sure that if I had show up- for my court appearance and sentencing WITHOUT wearing my suit, the judge would have thought I was pretty stupid and would have given me a more severe sentence!

When I see a man in a suit,I take a good look.A suit makes any man look handsome.Men usually look like slobs.Jeans and a crummy shirt
is the usual .

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I wear suits sometimes and wear jeans sometimes. It all depends on the event and what is appropriate.