I do not find Suits attractive at all, in fact, I think they make guys look really stupid.

Some girls may be attracted to power....others may be attracted to wealth. I am....not. Those are not factors for me in my guy preferences. In fact a lot of those men tend to abuse their power and feel entitled due to their wealth and both are ill signs if you want a happy healthy relationship. No no! I like a guy who's a rebel. I like a guy who breaks the mold. I don't want another drone. I want a guy who makes his own rules in style! Ties just look like either nooses or bad stereotypical gay ascots that got messed up. I may have posted this before but I like to periodically remind people that this seemingly never ending male fashion trend needs to die!! Women we have our many dresses, men make yourselves your own variety of clothing! Maybe something armor inspired...mmm that'd be nice! But nothing says "i'm a boring adult" like a suit! Give me a wild guy who's a child at heart and a gentleman when he needs to be