I hate cleaning my house....so I don't

I like my shiz messy thank you!

Image for post I hate cleaning my house....so I don't
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Messy shiz is one thing. No one expects shiz to be tidy.
The rest of the house - I like to be presentable. Better Homes and Gardens has never shown up so I'm not talking sterile, but comfortable for me and people that might visit.

A bit disorganized maybe. Dirty...no.

I don't have a partner so I'm stuck doing it. When I had pneumonia, I let everything go except the necessary.

After seeing a sink full of dirty dishes for the 100th time somebody asked me if I ever did the dishes. I said sure I do them all the time. I just wash them before I use them instead of after.

I take pride in my home.I'm never ashamed when I have surprise visit's.

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