Fiction or non-fiction? Which do you usually watch or read for entertainment?

Just curious.

Image for post Fiction or non-fiction? Which do you usually watch or read for entertainment?
48% Fiction 30% Non-fiction 22% Other
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Im with you...
I detest sap.

I read to escape reality for a while.

Growing up, I watched a lot of TV like most people, mostly fiction, and while I wasn't an avid reader, the books I read for entertainment were almost exclusively fiction.

When I got into the internet, the most interesting material I could find was "hidden truth" type material. This led me to a new perspective: the truth is super interesting. Since then, I've been almost exclusively into non-fiction.

A funny thing happened to me, I went from enjoying fiction to being bored by it, to finding it irritating. My ability to suspend my disbelief has eroded away to the point that when I watch fiction, the falsehood is manifest in a million ways, and it kind of grates on me.

That got me thinking about how one's affinity for fiction, or lack thereof, impacts their ability to discern truth. Thinking back to my former self, I watched people lie to me constantly from an early age, that's what acting is after all, so my ability to detect whether someone is being truthful was much less acute than it is now.

The conspiracy theorist in me can't help but wonder if that's the point of television - to make people easier to manipulate by interrupting our ability to discern truth.

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Hi Ser, thanks for asking. I thought I'd wait for people to answer so as not to taint the result. I almost exclusively consume non-fiction.

Especially scifi

@ThePrinceofWales Especially scifi

Well, one Welshman's scifi is other Finn's reality.

Wait... How... What?

Actually, I like to read both. Anything that is well written.

I loved Scifi as a kid but now that "fiction" has morphed itself into being true stories. I read anything that is not nailed down but have a lot of historical books as well as Sandra Brown books. Her Fat Tuesday blew me away a long time ago.

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Mostly fiction, but I do also enjoy history from 11-14th century, I'm kinda crazy for medieval warfare, might get some nice steel sword one day.

When reading a book at the end of the day, I prefer reading fiction. When I have a formerly unread book by one of my favorite authors, it's kind of like opening a present.
As far as what I watch on TV, it's about 50-50. I read and sometimes watch quite a lot of what I perceive as both, online.

I enjoy reading a lot of true crime novels

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I used to abhor fiction - why waste my time one something make believe? If I'm going to read, I'd always choose a real story.. preferably something that will help me accomplish something. I'm better about that now, but I still prefer non-fiction.

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