Is it rare for a couple who has been together 14 years to think about each other all day long and have amazing sex every night that keeps getting better and better plus be the very best of friends and have a blast together? Is this almost unheard of?

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Considering all those qualifiers, I'd say it's unlikely - certainly unheard of by me - would be nice, though.

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I don't think I'd call it a fantasy. After 40+ years of marriage, we've had amazing regular sex over the years. What is regular sex? For the first 10 years, it was at least once a day, later it went down to a few times a week. Of course there are lows to any relationships. If there wasn't, how would we appreciate the highs? Passion is a funny thing. It goes from not being able to keep our hands off each other, over the decades, to not being able to sleep very well if the other is not there.


There have been, and in the throws of the deepest lows we found our sense of humor, resourcefulness and body chemistry helped us make it through and be closer than ever. People have been trying to drive a wedge between us or break us up for years,..but it just backfires on them. I've been in other relationships, but this one is so unique and mind blowing. Happy is an understatement, I can't explain it.

I was in a relationship like that for 22 years minus the sex part.

I hope it's not rare.

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It's not normal to be unattracted to your husband at ANY time really, even if you are pissed off at him and don't like him AT ALL at times. See, we disagree sometimes, but we don't EVER dislike each other and we are CONSTANTLY turned on by each other. It's breath taking and no, it's not BS.

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I'm not saying that we never argue. What I'm saying is that we are still madly in love and our **** life is over the top after 14 yrs. We are the best of friends and we laugh our asses off all the time . It's like magic being with him and I just wondered if it was rare because I think it have found an honest to goodness soulmate- and honey we will always be together. Period. My husband is on his profile. Budou812

Rare, but it can happen.

Based on my own experience and observing other couples, I do believe that to be very rare indeed. Loving each other and getting through the rough times "until death do us part", not so rare at all.

That should be the goal.

No idea, that's really a long time for the magic to last, it would be amazing if that happens.

Many people seem happy. I don't know.

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Thank you my dear friend with discretion and respect for your mate!

Mrs. Budwick and I are into our third decade together. She is in the forefront of my mind always. No decisions are made without consulting her or considering impact on her. I'm 67 - surviving sex at any interval is amazing. To the point though we are both very happy. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember.

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