why is Justin trudeau dangerous? read and find out. he is far more dangerous then trump


very good read. here is a left wing leaning libertarian, warning you about the real dangers of what liberals are doing. unless you live in an echo chamber, you'd do well to read it.

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Wow. So first of all the irony of echoing this post while accusing others for living in an echo chamber notwithstanding...

The first key point the author makes is "Trump will only turn out to be more dangerous in the short-term if he blunders his way into a nuclear war." Key words 'the the short term'. The writer clearly understands that the policies of the right wing have very negative long term implications as history has proven time and again.

His first real argument is: the word that immediately comes to mind (re: Trudeau) is twit. The writer supports that argument with this fact: it is exactly how I feel. // Good one!//

The basis of the next phase of his theses (two to three paragraphs in fact) can be summed up as nationalism. He claims because Trudeau doesn't 'echo' nationalist claptrap that he must hate his country. Whatever. You can love your country and still support open borders. Hardly the rhetoric filled rant about "nihilistic, and suicidal desire to transform our country into a borderless, ghettoized, and completely unrecognizable country" offered with no evidence other than one time he said "diversity is our strength", which by the way, is as true today as it was when the French and English joined with the native peoples (later joined by Germans, Poles, Italians and Chinese) to create this powerhouse of a continent. The writer then goes on to claim diversity = weakness using a misquoted dictionary definition. The whole argument falls apart on the face of historical evidence and the failed regimes that have sought to purify their bloodlines.

He goes on spewing similar arguments about the horrors of political correctness, diversity and tolerance 'echoing' the same arguments used by Pol Pot, Hitler, Aung San Suu Kyi and Kim Jung-un.

I'm wanted this to be a good article that made me think, but it is just more 'keep Canada pure' echoes.

Honestly, I don't know enough about the politics over there to know whether I agree or disagree, certainly not enough to voice an opinion but it's an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

I was surprised the author, and evidently many others, have a problem with the statement "diversity is our strength". To me it seems a rather innocuous statement about tolerance; not some Orwellian slogan designed to undermine rational thinking.

I found the main proposition of the article, that Justin Trudeau is far more dangerous than Donald Trump, to be preposterously false. Rather than 'diversity' the author should have looked up the definition of 'dangerous'.

The only way Trudeau is more dangerous than Trump is if he has the authority to launch Russia's nuclear weapons.

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