What is difficult for you now, that was easy as a child?

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And her knees won't be working when she gets older if she keeps that up.

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I said as she gets older. They had us stop doing knee bends in grade school because of the damage it can do to knees.


You might try some aqua yoga pants.
They seem to help her.
But, be careful. You don't want a bulbous ass like that!

Eating dirt.

Picking up spiders. 乂º◡º乂

Just about anything physical.

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Waking up in the morning.

Playing on the monkey bars.

In looking at all these posts, it appears as if many of us can relate to having done some of them.

Getting a throbbing stiffy when a hot girl accidentally backs up against me while standing in the lunch line.

I have two lung problems so walking uphill or running.

running around naked outside

Surfing.. Balance isn't as good now, not as steady as I used to be.

Jumping off the the garage roof with an umbrella...

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