Wouldn't you rather have Mrs Claus come visit you?

That would be worth waiting up all night for!

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Jingle those bells! LOL


Ha Ha looks like they are having trouble jumping and swinging the bells. Typical big boobed bimbosdhat smilie

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It usually does.

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Would be nice, wouldn't it? jolly smilie

Nah....I prefer the Mr. Claus.biggrin smilie

I wouldn't wait the 3 seconds on this one! Image in content Ha!

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Ha! Highly possible!

It was Christmas Eve and there was a distraught man who was getting ready to jump off of a bridge and end it all, when an old woman came up behind him and asked him what he was doing.
"I just got fired from my job, my wife left me and I'm facing bankruptcy. I have nothing left to live for."
The old woman looked closely at the man and had a twinkle in her eye.
"I have a confession." she said. "I am Santa's wife and he sent me here to help you."
She waved her arms and said some quiet words and told the distraught man, "Your wife is waiting at home for with with open arms. Your boss realized he made a mistake and will call you tomorrow asking you to come back, with a raise. Furthermore, you have the winning lottery ticket at home on your dresser."
The man was overwhelmed with joy. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know how to thank you" he said.
"Well, there is one thing you could do for me. You see, Santa has gotten up in age and it's been centuries since we've had sex. Could you grant me a night of wonderful sex?"
The man looked at her old worn out body and scraggly hair. Finally he agreed. After all she had done for him, how could he refuse. She took him back to a small motel room and they had sex for hours.
Afterwards, the man got dressed and was ready to leave. He thanked the woman again for all she had done for him and was anxious to get home.
She looked him in the eye and asked him how old he was.
"I'm 38," he replied.
"Isn't that a little old to be believing in Santa Claus?" she asked.

how bout MISS Claus santa's daughter

nah. santa can be sexy. Image in content

Lol - everybody seems to forget about the kids.
hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

Maybe that the whole Santa family would be a success.

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(eventually with daughter and son)

Nope...Sounds like a trap to me..

@DandyDon Nope...Sounds like a trap to me..

Yes, it's a trap. She makes you sit down and then lectures you on all the reasons why you haven't been good all year. :/

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