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If a guy mistakes me for a woman, beard or no beard. He has some serious problems.

Too bad for the young men who can't grow beards. Some of them will have to continue to endure being "mistaken for women".

PhilboydStudges avatar PhilboydStudge This is exactly why women should wear long... +4Reply


He looks like a penis with a little hat on. Is that an indecent thought?

and I mistake bearded men for hipsters and bums.

That is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

well I was going to comment but it's pretty much all been said oh d##m that was a comment

It's not because they can't take their hands off of women so they need to put them in sacks and now I guess they can't take their hands off men so they need to make them ugly. So what do we have here? Some really pervy sex repressed would be rapists? or perhaps they just don't like the smell of their own seamen. Fortunately for Tomboy Janet I don't live in such a society where nonsense like that is mandatory. It's amazing that such men ever get anything done with all the erections they receive and subsequent masturbation sessions that follow

TomboyJanets avatar TomboyJanet Yeah, ... that's why they have indecent thoughts! 0Reply

Yea, that's the ticket...blame it on not having a beard..

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