Is it right to make sports and games professions? They are actually meant for recreation and fitness

Sports and games are meant for recreation and physical fitness. But in today's world sports persons are labelled as professionals and they get paid heavily. Huge money is thrust into this sports and games activities while many go hungry and shelter less in the world.How can sports and games be professions?

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Glorifying sports persons and the sports is responsible for taking it as profession.Youth find it a shortcut not only to stardom but also to a rich life. Youngsters who cannot contribute to the society and thereby earn their livelihood in the ways others do, resort to this field. What is the contribution of sports to the society? Professions are created to serve humanity. What service these sports persons as professionals do to the society? Their records at the national or international level are empty rhetoric which are nothing but paper records with no benefit to the society in any way. The beneficiaries are sports persons themselves and not the society. The money spent on these activities are a terrible splurging costing the people dearly. A responsible society should know its priority.

Everything related with entertainment is about being entertained - sports and games are the same. They are being paid to do that professionally - meaning, they have to focus on that a lot more than everyone else. They have to put more than average dedication to it. Is the money being paid outrageous? Yup, no doubt about that. The amount of money that are given to such things is beyond ridiculous in my opinion, but that doesn't mean what they do stops being a profession.

The reality may be bitter.But we, as civilized societies, should move towards idealism. That should be the goal of any progressive society. Let us not worry much about the past. We never learn lessons from the past and make the same mistake again and again. That is a tragedy.That shows that we don't evolve properly. We must be able make healthy,good decisions based on reality. Pessimism will take us nowhere. The present should be the foundation on which we have to build our future

Please give examples for good guy countries and bad guy countries.Countries as a whole cannot be branded that way.In every country there will be good people as well as bad people. In my opinion most countries are ruled by dishonest people who capture power by dishonest means. They are not the ideal representatives of the countries' people. As long as people are not civilized enough, the scenario will remain so. Social movements are needed to change societies for the better.

As already pointed out sports and games are recreational activities meant to improve physical fitness. Only a misguided society which wants entertainment more than anything else will convert even sports into entertainment!
The views expressed are not communist ideology but a humanistic view. The so called free society cannot understand this basic philosophy.
Whether it is a communist country or a democratic dispensation, training kids to become great athletes in future is a terrible wrong doing. Physical fitness needs only simple exercises and not sophisticated gadgets and play area. Let us spend the hard earned money gainfully and let us not waste it in the so called entertainment

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All the countries of the world are interdependent. No country can survive without other countries' cooperation. Let us love all people.My opinions do not have anything to do with America. You are thinking as if you are the sole representative of America. Let common sense prevail over the parochial mindset of people like you. Have some broad minded thinking and think of other people also as contributors to world prosperity and well being.Let us live a life of civilised human beings

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