My guns, dang nabitt!!!

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It's pretty pathetic when you can't give it a rest over Christmas. Then again, people like you are alone on Christmas.

You mean to say that politicians try to make you see a problem where there isn't one so you stay to outraged and focused on that, that they can screw you over without you noticing?
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This is far from being new. Manipulating the masses is what politicians, religious leaders, the media and anyone with any kind of influence on the people do. The problem is when they use their influence for bad. I'm waiting for the day when the norm isn't people falling for their manipulation though.

Anyway, Happy Holidays, McFly :D

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I've noticed whenever McFly does a post, all the Trumpsters gang up on him with silly comments. Even one about him being alone on Christmas. What has that got to do with Trump? Some on here really have their heads in the sand when it comes to their idol....trumper or is that Thumper? lol

The Republicans worried for eight years that Obama would take away their guns, that's all they talked about and it never happened. But yet they haven't said one word about the American people about to lose their health insurance, social security, medicare and Medicaid. Guess they care more about having a gun than staying healthy. Pathetic.

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One is a right the other is theft

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Don’t recall America in the state you dems are terrified USA will become before Obamacare tax

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