I have never been so frightened as when-___?

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Image for post I have never been so frightened as when-_______?
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Wow, that would be scary. People always say "they won't hurt you" as they are gnawing away at your leg.

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I understand that completely, I'm terrified of dogs.


My doberman story.. I was walking with a friend in a park and I see this doberman charging towards us at full speed from several (~50-100) meters away. My friend didn't see it and just continued talking. I only remember thinking "we're f#cked". Luckily for us the dog darted past us and chased some rodent into a tree.

My son and his wife, after returning from a cruise, were in Florida when a hurricane was coming in, the hotel they had reserved had closed down and they had no place to go. All I could do was pray that the hurricane would turn from the town they were in..... and my prayers were answered. At the last minute the hurricane turned and they were spared.

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SodaHead was worse. biggrin smilie

When I hit a parch of ice going 55 MPH and my car did a complete 360. It's a miracle I didn't have to change my shorts. smile smilie

Anytime I've been targeted by a large, aggressive predator such as a pit bull.

When I nearly got kicked to death by a dozen hoodies.

I was loading the clip of an automatic pistol with bullets, when the spring-loaded follower (which I had pulled too far down) slipped from under my thumb and hit the side of a cartridge already in the clip.

Fortunately, nothing happened, but I broke into a cold sweat thinking about what might have. swt smilie

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