have liberals gone fully mad? seems like it, especially this past month here is what matt Damon said in short; make the punishment fit the crime. and liberal nazi's are loosing their collective heads over it.

for you liberals who have lost their minds, perhaps you have some common sense: i will reword what he said but using a different crime,scenario 1: lets say bob has an argument with Joe, bob gets angry and pops joe in the mouth, police arrive and arrest bob,

scenario 2: bob has an argument with Joe, Bob gets angry and pulls a gun amd kills Joe, police arrive and arrests Bob

now should Bob in Scenario 1 get the same sentence as Bob in Scenario 2?

now if we follow far left liberal logic, both scenarios deserve the same punishment, anyone who disagrees with them are lunatics and must be ostracized from society.

or should the punishment fit the crime? should bob in scenario 1 get life in jail like bob in scenario 2?

this is all Mat Damon was saying. he never enabled sexual harassment, he never supported it, he is as much against it as anyone else. only he said the punishment needs to fit the crime, not turn it into a witch hunt where everyone who looked at someone wrong's life gets ruined.
anyone with a sane mind liberal or conservative will agree with Matt damon, it is simply common sense.

too bad left wing extremists. cannot see this.