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I would think a few are! Ha!

It doesn't make any sense to me, either. Not unless they were apprehensive that the guy was up to no good, (like having a bomb on the plane), and LAX was the nearest airport to return to.

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Going for four hours and then having to turn around? I would be piiiiiiiissed.

I've heard of partner airlines having systems that recognise other passengers details, but not to the point of getting boarding passes confused. That should never happen.

What was that pilot thinking of....he should have continued on, and taken care of the problem when they got to their destination. That pilot should be fired ASAP.

I suppose I can get around the major blunder by the airline - allowing that person on board with out a valid ticket.

What I can't get over is the total disruption of everyone else on the plane! All the innocent ones that neither wandered onto the wrong flight or allowed some dum ass onto the flight. The mass inconvenience is astounding to me.

Input from Chrissy whoever is immaterial to me. Never heard of her. I've got Mrs. Budwick - why would I be interested in a supermodel?

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I would think there was a lot more money involved with the other 200 passengers and the expense of returning to LAX.

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