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Is ethnicity really so fragile?
I think those that are so sensitive, finding all these silly things to label as racist - are themselves racist. I mean, who gets to say that hoop earrings are for Latinos only? No one, that's who!

Too bad, cuz thee's enough actual racism out there. Fixating on faux racism diminishes the real thing.

As I have maintained for quite some time now, the world is well and truly fucked.

Now that is not saying you can't live a good life, for me, I have simply arrived at this mindset.

I tend to isolate myself further and further from the masses of humanity and gather those with whom I consider at least partially rational around me.

'Partially Rational' is of course a very highly subjective term for me to be using in this particular context. But there you go.

If these reports are true, someone has lost their marbles. The one that really shocked me was the new Star Trek series Discovery with the lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green being black and somehow that is racist? I think she's perfectly cast in the role and her colour has nothing to do with it.

I like the advertisement next to the responses to this post.
Hi, I don't care, Thanks.
I live my life, wear what I want, read Dr. Suess and just watch the left spin themselves into a dither. It's very entertaining.

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