What was your first ever job?

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I imagine that's work.

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No need to be like that.

Not counting babysitting, I started working as a secretary at a bank in 1965.

I was a caddie at a private golf course. My theory at the time was that every leftist was at one time a caddie. Some of the members were so arrogant and condescending.

Paperboy at 11 until I was 13 then dishwasher.

I won a national paperboy award for the most new subscriptions in the country and received it at the national paperboy convention in 1969 at Old Forge New York. Gannett flew me out there and paid for my hotel and meals.

Besides mowing lawns and shoveling snow, my first official job was working for a grocery store (Kroger).

Baby sitter, then worked in retail part time when in high school.

My first real job with a paycheck, was working in a hospital during the summer, when I was in high school.

Working on the farm. First paid job was at a gas station in the 60's when I was 14.

Working at a full service gas pump.

A messenger for American Machine and Foundry.

I was a messenger for American machine and Foundry.

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