Are men secretly always looking for someone else?

67% Yes 29% No 4% Other
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Some probably are, but not ALL men.

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I've seen that too, it doesn't hurt to look, just don't touch. lol

I seriously doubt that to be true of most men. Unless, of course, they are quite discontent in their current relationship

I can't speak for others but that thought has never crossed my mind when I've been in a relationship, even when it's been coming to an end. I'm sure some men are like this but definitely not all. I don't even know if it'd be possible to do an accurate survey on it.

Also, I don't mind these kind of posts. They don't have to be balanced and also mention women who cheat because there are post made just about women who cheat etc. I think if you're confident in who you are, a post like this can be easily addressed. I would object to it if it was worded in a hateful way but it wasn't.

Because I think you stereotyped all men

An entire sex can not be stereotyped this way; everyone is different. Also, men do not have a monopoly on infidelity.

Look, another one of these "all men cheat, and when they don't, they're thinking about it" posts.

How about all the women who cheat.... and feel entitled to do so. When caught, they bring out the crocodile tears and blame it all on the husband she cheated on.

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The last few posts have been about various topics and ideas. Its just a question.

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What's a "cheat" meal? Ummmm..... I've had a few cheap meals but never a cheat meal. lol

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That's a new one for me. I never feel like I'm cheating when eating fast food. It's a normal thing for me. lol

I can only speak for myself so no, one of my base principles is loyalty.

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It happens that the person they cheat with doesn't even know, so for me the cheater is most to be blamed, for me this isnt a man or woman issue. Anyone who says all men women cheat is just bitter.

Not if their mates are satisfying

This isn't a question about cheating. It's a question about being replaced by a different person

I don't concern myself with what other guys are doing, and neither does my wife. We are secure enough in our own relationship that others relationships aren't our concern.

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