What was something new you learnt in 2017?

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I learned that if your flight arrives on time but one of the passengers decides to exit the air craft faster by removing the emergency exit door, then your flight will be delayed by 6 hours while a whole team have to refit it and test the pressurization.

Most of the lessons i learned do not bode well for humankind. I will keep them under my hat.

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Of course you should stay where ever you want to be! But, some of us are quite active in 'doing something about it it.' In fact, posting on social media is significant. Helping in campaigns etc. Some people that have never before held a public office are running for anything from dog catcher to president to 'do something about it.'

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And that my friend may be the best political argument I've heard in quite a while!

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I understand your position much better now.

When fermenting sauerkraut, don't put carrots in it.

I learned how to sew better.

Basic reading and translation of Old English (Anglo Saxon)

That Trump is closer to doing slammer time.

That no amount of screaming will stop a bee from chasing you ono smilie


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