People say there is too much hate when discussing politics on here. So what?

Of course there is hate when it comes to politics, but who feeds that hate? The media, the political parties, and nut cases on all sides who demand their extremist agendas be followed. Some people get angry when arguments and disagreements get heated here or on other sites. Personally, I think heated debates serve a purpose. Why do we get into a heated debate to begin with? It's because we are frustrated and powerless to change anything. (Anyone who believes their rants or raving actually changes anything is kidding themselves) Where else can we go and vent our frustrations and anger? I think it's better to have a place to blow off a little steam now and then, than to keep it bottled up inside. When I get into a heated debate with someone, I can still keep it all in perspective that this is a safe environment to say what I want to say. (Zonky isn't going to come to Colorado and hunt me down for something I said <s>) If someone pisses me off, that's OK. If I piss someone else off, that's OK as well. Next week we might give each other a thumbs up on story posed about a dog and a child. If we don't, that's fine as well. Keep it in perspective.