What's a phrase that really irritates you?

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The first two that come to mind, are "it is what it is" and "at the end of the day". Oh...and "I was like literally" ten times in single conversation.

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It is what... Wait. Oh. Crap.

Believe me, I wouldn't lie to you.

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Exactly, while they are lying through their teeth.

@ZonkeyBalls Isn't that the whole point of having false teeth?

Prosthetic teeth, some dentures and implants look really convincing, did you know that before people made teeth from plastic or ceramic they used teeth from corpses? Yeah so they were pretty real and you have a hefty chance of getting syphilis from the dentures since a lot of the teeth were from sick soldiers.


I would lie to you pretty much about anything, just for having a peek under that skirt - with a very large telescope array. Oh. Wait. Crap... Too honest, as always.

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Is that a mammoth under your skirt or are you just happy to see me?


You look like the type of bad girls my mom told me not to talk to when I was little biggrin smilie

Everything happens for a reason.
Everything works out in the end.
God works in mysterious ways.

awesome can't think of a phrase so I will look at what everyone writes. A word that is annoying that word is so very overused.

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Is it an euphodelic jizz replacement? Sounds like it.

"I know you better than you know yourself."

Of the deceased: She's in a better place; She's no longer in agony; She's in Heaven with the angels; She looks so peaceful.

Of those with chronic mental health issues: Things will get better; I know what you're going through; You just need some rest.

Smile, it's contagious!

Let's pray on this (and everything else).

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" Don't worry, it will be ok" I get that it's an attempt to help me relax but no it doesn't work, the trouble comes and life moves on, it won't consider how I feel

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The worst part is that you realize it's an emotional response and not a rational one, but at these times you dont want the rational options.

WTF. What does it really mean.Makes no sense.

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I don't use WTF,I wish other people would substitute it.They sounds like idiots.

A guy kept feeding me BS when I was trying to get something done and following with "are we on the same page?" Ever the impatient soul, I finally told him that no, we are not on the same page. I've already finished the book and it wasn't a good one.

Idk if it's a phrase but my mum tells me that people bully because they're mistreated or have been bullied before. No they don't! They're just assholes -_-

"Know what I'm sayin?"....as a period for every sentence..

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