Are you a people-pleaser?

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More so in the past.

Not really, although am somewhat guilty of 2 and 3 on this list:

Oh, I must have misread the question. I thought this was about being a prick teaser.

I don't think so, but if I promise someone something I'm more likely to do it rather than doing it for myself because I dont like to break my promises.

FUCK happy with being a good person

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All is well my dear and hoping you are doing well also

I'm gonna say no. Being a people pleaser implies that the reason I might do something would be to please someone. That's not how Budwick rolls.

Now, if we're talking about completing a contract or something - then you bet - I agreed to it and I will ensure that I've lived up to the bargain.

And, I suppose if Mrs. Budwick and I had discussed moving the gigantic garden bed just completed to the other side of he yard - I would of course comply and repress any thoughts of including some kind of memorial for Mrs. Budwick.

But, when a fellow Amiriter demands that I phuck myself - well, I'm sorry, there are boundaries.

So, more accurately, it depends.

I haven't been jumped and beaten to a bloody stump..

Probably...say yes..

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