Do You Advocate Deregulation?

Do you advocate deregulation because those poor corporations are suffering and being stifled by the big bad govt? Because regulations kill innovation and growth?
If you said yes, you probably think Trump's add 1 remove 2 regulation rule is great. Forgetting that it,in itself, is a regulation you probably don't have 2 grey cells to rub together. Deregulation has helped consumers only in rare instances and generally leads to the fattening of already overstuffed accounts. Corporations are posting record profits year after year. Where's the stifle? Consumers pay the price in environmental destruction, illness and fewer paths of recourse. "But we're not against all regulation." is the usual response. Well, that 2 for 1 thing says all regulations are the same and quantity is what matters. I rest my case.

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But a 2 for 1 regulation is fine. It's better to have another Deepwater Horizon than to cut into the profit of those poor oil companies that are just getting by.

Obama may have pushed it but Obamacare is a republican plan just like NAFTA that Clinton pushed through.

Why did you bother asking a question if your sole intent was to just bash Trump in the narrative? Then you insult anyone in your narrative who may not agree with you.
Probably not the best way to gain any credibility.

Nope. It's short sighted, selfish idiocy.

Yes, less government is alway a good thing.

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