What's a long closed store that you really miss?

Local or National.Why do you miss it?

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I do too:)
Mom bought me my first ice cream soda at woolworths. Cherry.

And monkey wards!:)

@JanHaskell Woolworth's

Every time I remember Woolworth's I think of that line from "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" ... when they get banned from Woolworth's and the character asks: "Do you think he means all Woolworth's, or just this one?"

There was a hardware store in the town closest to me, it was old and had many items the box stores dont carry. Old window hardware, odd screw sizes and threads, and like your photo, plumbing connections, etc. And...i didnt have to drive 45 minutes to get there. Closed 4 or 5 years ago:(.

Seifert's Drug Store - It was old style. It had a long gorgeous onyx fountain counter. You could get all those old style fountain drinks. I was a kid back then, so I was into comic books and other crap - but it was just a really cool store. Even back then (60's) I knew I would miss it.

CD Plus, and A&B Sound.

I miss being able to buy a brand new Ford T model from the local car dealership. They also had coffins to go with them.

Ben Franklin Five and Dime. Used to find them in small towns but think they have been gone for 30 + years.


@ThePrinceofWales What did they sell?

It was a department store .... clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

Newberry's ... used to have the best food counter.

We had three specialist record shops in my town centre -two of them independent-plus what Woolworth,Boots the Chemist and House of Fraser sold.Our Price was one of the stores I think.None of them sold Earth and Fire records.Got them from Amazon years later.All gone now.

Montgomery Wards

@hootowl Montgomery Wards

I shopped there a lot and hated to see it go.

Roselynn's Bakery.