Not suffice to print The word truth in dictionaries Write it in the hearts

Man must give meaning to the words. Simply printing the words in the dictionary alone will not be of any use for the words to exist. What is the use of the word truth when many do not tell the truth? Because countries do not tell the truth, animosity develops between them leading to strained relationship and sometimes to war even.Mahatma Gandhi was a great proponent of truth.

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Gotta have words how else can people communicate. The dictionary tells us what a word means, then it is up to each individual to use it as they want.

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Ya think ya know somebody ... right?

I am also a big proponent of truth.

A Tamil poet THIRUVALLUVAR by name has said that one can lie if it leads to some good thing. That means that telling lies for one's own benefit which will hurt others is morally wrong.When people tell lies life is miserable for a few individuals concerned. But when nations lie to one another it leads to large scale sufferings.
We don't anticipate that all on earth will speak truth. But speaking truth should be inculcated from early age . Parents should be the starting point. Children should not see their parents lying. The schools become the next most important place for propagating honesty and truth among children.

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