Feeling insecure In communal world, webs man Safety net of wealth

Because man feels terribly insecure in the communal world due to alienation caused by religion, caste and such other things,betrayal by near and dear, he wants to have some kind of security by gathering more wealth which can provide some guarantee for his survival at least if not a great life

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To suggest a man builds wealth because of insecurity and alienation caused by religion, caste and "other such things", indicates the writer has never achieved wealth, happiness or contentment. More often, a person who embraces religion and "such other things" along with a drive to succeed, obtains what he desires.

Humans have an innate insecurity about future deprivation, and so we tend to hoard things. That's my unsubstantiated guess at least, so in general I agree with the OP.

I don't see religion as being a relevant factor here though.

I call bullshit!

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Religion is an important cause for alienation. A person belonging to one religion may not feel comfortable with a person belonging to another religion and may feel insecure. Otherwise how can we explain the frequent communal clashes seen in different countries?
Neighbours physically
Religion and caste make them
Aliens mentally

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