Do you talk to yourself?

Image for post Do you talk to yourself?
74% Yes 15% No 11% Other
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Sure, even out loud fairly often. That is done in more of a mutter, though, when in public. smile smilie

Well, kinda...Talk to myself to practice what I'm going to say to other people.

I'm a parrot.

Yes, I have interesting things to say. Sometimes I need to hear things out loud too.

Yep! Sometimes I listen, but not always. a smilie

Of course. I enjoy a conversation with an intelligent person.

Occasionally I'll catch myself doing so.

Sometimes, it's the only way to have an intelligent conversation.

Yes, I'm the only one I can get a civil answer from anymore.


But only in my mind.So I don't move my lips.

I talk to myself way too much

Let me consult myself on this....


It scares the hell out of me when I get an answer.

Yes, but not out loud. I might be embarrassed. biggrin smilie

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There once was a fella named Rooster,
Who always came up as a booster
Of the scurrilous notion,
Tink causes commotion
With thoughts by which Satan seduced her. biggrin smilie
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