A Little Bird, and a Kind Man

I get disheartened sometimes, about how cruel or apathetic some humans are about their fellow creatures. BUT....out of any 10 people who wouldn't care about this little bird's plight, I figure at least 4 would.

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Thanks Mona. I think many little acts of kindness are profound, but something about this one kind of got to me, too.

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That's good to hear, JD, that you feel for animals in trouble. As far as feeding birds bread, even seagulls, it's really not good for them.

Pipes, i couldnt get the link...but, i think ive seen it. Did the saver breath on the birds feet?

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Amazing, thanks for sharing.

I wonder how that man knew bird was stuck. I feel so bad for animals that have to spend winter outside.

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Yea for the good guys!

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