What terrified you the first time you did it by yourself?

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Probably walking to the house from the barn through the trees (about 200 yards) when it was pitch black outside back when I was 6 or 7. I just knew something was going to eat me.

Gave birth.

Flew a helicopter! Scared the crap out of me at first! I flew the OH-6 "Loach".

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Asking a girl out on a date. I had an almost debilitating shyness as a kid.

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That's because there were. They are still there but we just can't see them when we get older.

Riding my bike.

Jeesh I don't remember being afraid of anything when I was younger. Now that I am older driving in a busy place frightens me. Maybe I will try and overcome that fear, that is alwats best, getting something done that seemed impossible.

Jumping off of a cliff that was easily 100' high into the water. After that, I couldn't stop it was so fun.

Most of the things I do now. I have a certain level of anxiety every time I have to do something for the first time. After that, I'm fine.

There were quite a few things which frightened me, when I was a little kid.
But I dared after some hesitations.

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