What would you do if you found out about a funeral home that was selling body parts and removing gold fillings to pay for vacations?

I recently read about a mortuary doing this in my state. I was pretty shocked about it and not sure what, if anything, I, or others, should do. Do I post the links of the various stories to their Facebook page? You can't make this kind of bizarre behavior up. It actually disturbs me that there are people and businesses like this out there.

FBI scrutinizes funeral home that also makes money selling body partsFormer employees told Reuters of troubling practices at unique business operation, including one account of how gold dental work was removed from corpseshttps://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-bodies-funeral/
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Sue them and create a massive media hurricane of hate in their direction.

Hopefully the judicial system would punish them. After that, try to make sure they never ran another funeral home.

How low will some people go to make a few bucks?

Sounds like my kind of funeral home.

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Just when you you think nothing more can surprise you about some of the crazy laws out there.
It may not matter what they do to you once you're dead, but the idea of a mortician ripping out a loved one's gold fillings as they lay on the embalming table, to fund his vacation.......

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Interesting term, "body brokers". Sounds kind of like "parts for cash".

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I heard that story several times on various criminal shows. They recycled heart pacemakers, gave diseased parts to people as transplants.

Hey Jim can you take a peek at your PM"S?!!

What, didn't love my answer? You must not have ever read the "Gold Arm".

Not use their services, and alert law enforcement.

Don't they ALL do it?

@COGSPI Don't they ALL do it?

I don't know if they ALL do it. I think it's wrong. When we take a family member to a funeral home, we hope that the body will be handled with the same dignity and respect that we held for the person.
I guess it would be like finding out your Mother was stripped of her wedding ring that the family wanted her to be buried with, by the mortician, and sold at a pawn shop.

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