Why didn't anyone mention martin luther king day today Monday 1-15-18? I was listening to one of his speeches , judge a person not by the color of skin but the content of character?

He wasn't saying get a free pass if you have black skin sounds more like he was saying Be a person of character.

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I like that, judging people for who they are no matter the skin color, race or any other unchosen characteristic.

He was an amazing orator.

Martin Luther King was an amazing man. Lorraine, you've identified one of the most exemplary ideals of his legacy - IMO - 'judge a person not by the color of skin but the content of character?' It makes such good sense and it's been turned bassackwards ever since he died.

In today's BLM movement for example - it's ALL about the color of ones skin. Same for hiring practices and everything else. They all want to praise MLK and trash what he stood for.

Typical leftism if you ask me.

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