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You mean like those who demean Christians and their beliefs? Do you mean those who criticize "old white guys" because they are the root of all America's problems? Are you referring to those who use racial slurs regularly but demand anyone of a different race using them be charged with a hate crime? Or are you just referring to people in general who speak their mind when it doesn't fit some one else's agenda? Are you saying these people have no place in America? I couldn't agree more.

Well, I'm nothing if not forgiving. When Obama said all those horrible things about America and white people - it hurt deeply. But, once he and his policies failed so miserably and now that he's out of office - I'm OK, I don't need any coddling.

But, I do wish the left would learn from all that. Stop pushing your lame ass progressive agenda and start supporting America!

I don't want anyone or group censoring my right to freedom of speech and expression.

It's not racist if it's true...

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There's a problem with that. America is neither free nor democratic.

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