Are you afraid of North Korea?

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I pity the people, they're ruled by an evil troll who's the only fat North Korean in the world

If I lived in South Korea or Japan I might.

Yes, he's a crazy man.

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lol - I didn't know it before, but yep - it's funny. :P

No. North Korea is all talk, and the current issues aren't even a recent thing. Remember, they've been making these threats for decades.

North Korea knows that if they tried anything, they would be turned into a giant glass crater, otherwise they would have done something a LONG time ago.

Personally, I think all the financial aid given to North Korea needs to stop. None of it is helping the people it's supposed to help, all it's doing is funding a horribly oppressive regime.

Lol. No, why would I be.

I'm afraid of the crazy man running it.

@Sofia I'm afraid of the crazy man running it.

The man running it is scary, yeah.

But North Korea itself is scary too! :P

"Natural hazards: late spring droughts often followed by severe flooding; occasional typhoons during the early fall
volcanism: Changbaishan (2,744 m) (also known as Baitoushan, Baegdu or P'aektu-san), on the Chinese border, is considered historically active"

xp smilie

@Sofia I'm already scared of Mother Nature in general. So there's that.

Yeah. I'm scared of my town. lol (We had a really strong rain last week. It was not cool.)

I think one of his country men will get him before we do.

It's sort of like asking if I'm afraid of cockroaches. Not really - I have means to deal with them if it becomes necessary.

Why should I worry about something over which - I have no control. It will e sad for everyone in the world if he tries to blow up USA . We will destroy much of that part of the world to fight back. However they will recoup having tons of children I do hope if there is a strike to his country they know where he sits and send the bombs to his roof top first. Kill the head of a snake the rest will perish.

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