Worry not my love if others see us as Skew lines, i will shatter the Pillars that separate us so that we can be in each others path. . Worry not my love if we really are Parallel, Please Remember that our world is Round, So we can still meet somewhere. . Worry not my love if others say that we are Tangent Lines, I will cut it in half and make it into an angle So we will never be apart. . Worry not my loves if others see us as Asymptotes, No, we are just the inner part of the Lemniscate because our love will last forever.

this means that even if everyone else are against your love story. You will still fight on.
the 1st and 3rd means that you will find a way to be happy and to be together and stay together.
the 2nd and 4th means that you will realize and make everyone realize that the two of you are really and truly for each other. and that you will not lose hope.