Would it be a good idea to sequester the house - senate and president until they agree to a budget that will last a year not a week?

I get so very tired of the never ending increase in government spending, also they won't pass a cost saving budget making it happen over and over again. Wonder if the US government will shut down tonight as they refuse to agree on anything. Lock them up like a jury until they get it done :?)

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Yes. For what we pay them, I think Congress should be sequestered begining a month out from when ANY legislation is due, untill it is completed. .

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Hey neand - I don't notice repub or demos, they are all equally at fault in my opinion. - Thanks for getting in the alien part, I was thinking of that but didn't want my post to be too long. You are right, they are more interested in keeping those illegals in country than caring for real citizens in the country.

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What living out of town is worthless? Where do you think your food or building supplies come from? Not from a big city--full of city dwellers who never get dirty and don't know how to do anything more than shop. biggrin smilie


What state has only 84 people? a city maybe but no state is that small. confused smilie


I don't need to learn the difference I am not all that interested in politics, so unless it is some local question I care about I don't bother to vote.


AH electoral college should be done away with. Technology should be to the point it can count votes . There weren't any computers or even adding machines in the past so today wouldn't you think they could come up with a voting system that counted real votes and nothing else. Maybe that will be on the iPhone soon tooono smilie

I think it is a good idea!!

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Give us your ideas. You can't scrap something without having a better system to replace it with.

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I don't think many would disagree with you on the corruption of the government over the past 80+ years. I just can't think of a better system. I think the best we could hope for is to just clean up the system we have and put things in place to never let it get this bad again.
If I had the answer on HOW to actually do that, I'd be the one cleaning house.


Oh My fird, maybe you want to go live in another country for a bit to see how terrible it really is in USA :?)

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Our government has spent 20 trillion they didn't have...

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred J Jim you are in canada/ I always thought colorado

No, I AM in Colorado.... I was replying to Syn's post about Canada spending money. Nobody is worse than the US politicians when it comes to spending what you don't have

I'd back the idea ;)