Does the U.S. Constitution grant the federal government the power to restrict the production, transport, and drugs?

An amendment was needed to prohibit the production, transport, and sale of alcohol which was later later repealed by subsequent amendment. Do on what grounds are other drugs being restricted? If the federal government has the right to prohibit the production, transport, and skew of drugs, then does it not also have the right to prohibit anything else we consume, like trans-fatty foods, sugar, soft drinks, etc.?

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No and I feel like that is unconstitutional in itself that they try

Some will claim the "Commerce Clause" allows the federal government to restrict anything crossing state lines - but that was not the intent.

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NM, I could not find the numbered list in Article 1. Are those really party of the Constitution?

I'm far from a legal expert, but here is the text I thought relevant to my post (which you too mentioned).

To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes;

So depending on the meaning of "to regulate" I can see how the trafficking of drugs across our international borders, and across state borders within our country, could be prohibited.

I didn't find anything that seemed to give Congress the power to prohibit the production, transportation, and sale of any product within one State.

Again, I'm no a legal expert and I would not claim to completely understand the Constitution's text and it's implicit meanings. That is part of the reason why I created this post.

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