If you added up the cost of everything in the room with you, approximately what would it come out to be?

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Around $3,000.

I'm in my home office, so have a lot of inventory here, couldn't even begin to calculate it.


-Bed was new and on sale in 1995 for about $300.
-Dressers from a yard sale 25 years ago for $50.
-My chair was free with a B1G1 sale when we bought one for my wife's dad.
-Her chair was also a freeby when we bought a living room set in 1990.
-Night stands we found on the side of the road and refinished them in the 80's. -Rug was about $50.
-Notepad computer was $200.
-[Not counting the clothes in the dressers or closets.]
-Stuff on the dresser tops, lamps, toiletries, doodads, maybe $100 more.

Probably $3500 to replace with new stuff today.

Take out the computer and there is nothing in here that even a burglar would want. Lots of work and research related stuff but it wouldn't add up to $100 but I still Need it all.biggrin smilie

beedroom is maybe $2,000.00 all my electronics are in here, plus more in a lockbox under the floor.

All my stuff looks like trash to others but has use for me. I think a burglar would open my door trip over stuff because my dog is jumping on him trying to get attention . Then he would run off horrified of the mess and crude of that entry - see there is a method to my madness ninja smilie

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