Gerber Vs Leatherman

Which multitool is your fav ?

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I'm the other way around I've owned many Gerber models but never owned a Leatherman love. 乂º◡º乂


I got the mini version of this had it for about ten years now still works great. 乂º◡º乂
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Never owned a Gerber. I've owned two Leatherman's, the first I lost and subsequently ran over with my riding lawnmower, so I got a new one. This one has a nasty habit of pinching my skin when I close it.

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Hehe babyfood. biggrin smilie

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No I'm totally with you there, I mean working with decent quality tools designed for the specific purpose will always beat working with a multitool of any kind hands down Dennis.

To do simple tasks though, as we both know a toolbox full of tools can be a bit on the heavy side and it's not always the easiest of things to cart around with you everywhere.

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